Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Turtles for the rookery

So, I have been busy trawling the internet for pixar and disney characters! I never thought this time would come, ever! I'm sure there is some kind of copyright breach for me uploading this picture to the internet, but its not the first one I've seen, and not something I'm going to fret about. Anyways, these little guys are for my friends Claire and Keith. They are expecting their first little hatchling any day now. I've had loads of fun recreating these two! Whou would've though turtles were so cumbersome to paint!

Monday, 9 July 2012

I'm back at my easel!

So I've been away from my blogger community for far too long! How is everyone? I've still been managing my art class once in a blue moon and working on 'creative' presents for friends who have all decided to start having babies at about the same time! Those pics will come later! Anyways, here is my giant painting 99% finished. The sky needs changing (too rainbow) and I need to 'plonk' a monk in the foreground somewhere. But for now, it is hanging proudly in the lounge. Love to everyone! Oh and I'm engaged now! Geeze, I have been away for some time. Time for some online challenges, what have I missed?