Tuesday, 21 September 2010

watercolour in practice 1

So I have this wonderful full set of windsor newton water colours BUT I just can't seem to manage them. I see some beautiful work done in watercolour (see Jacqueline Gnott's page! she does some AMAZING STUFF!), and I am sure that if I just practice alot more, I might just get some results I'll be happy with. Meanwhile, I should stop being so stubborn and read the guide books I bought on watercolours......its a bit like not reading a manual for a new phone or camera for me!

Thursday, 16 September 2010

Driving Home (5"x7" oil on canvas board)

Drving home one afternoon from work (Queensland 2008) I stopped at a set of traffic lights and noticed the gorgeous sunset lighting up the horizon, as if on fire. And yet the storm clouds still lingered. It was getting darker, and cars had their headlights on. I took a quick photo on my phone out the window! Fortunately the lights are red for aaaaggggesss at this intersection.

Tuesday, 14 September 2010

Virtual Paintout - Manhattan

Ahh, finally I made a submission to the Virtual Paintout although I concede me and painting horses is a no-go zone but this was such a lovely scene. I think I'll have to go back to it and clear it up a bit when it dries, I like the shading from all the trees. Would love to go to Central Park one day!!!! URL on googlemap

PAWS (5.5"x7" oil on canvas board)

Climate Change...I'm sure if polar bears would, they would put their big paws up and say 'STOP climate change!'. A submission for the Climate Change theme at The Green Palette  The canvas is actually 24" x 20" and I have separated it up into 7 individual frames, to be auctioned (hopefully!) when completed and all proceeds will go to Ric O'Barry's Save Japan Dolphin Mission.

Monday, 13 September 2010

Harbouring in progress (40cm x 40cm oil on canvas board)

Oh man! I just can't get this picture finished and I have spent 3 days on it now!!!!! I'm struggling with the join between the two main boats, I added the second one in to the reference picture....but ahhhhhhhhhh....will it ever get easier? This is a painting for my boyfriend's mum, so it needs to be perfect! :) will re-post when I am finished....meanwhile, back to some more challenges!

Finished! Well it was tweaked and tweaked...and here now the finished product! Not sure   about painting out the second boat but I quite like it.

Friday, 3 September 2010

Sally in ROYGBV (24mmx30mm oil on canvas)

Another submission to the Calypso Moon Artist Movement a self portrait using all the colours of the rainbow. You can see the look of concentration in my eyes as I focus on myself in the mirror. Haha, I don't think I've ever spent so long in front of the mirror! I should of brushed hair and perhaps I need to wear more moisturiser! I really enjoyed this challenge, as I avoid painting portraits at all costs! I'm awaiting to see whether people think this looks like me.....? For one my eyes are much smaller than they are here...Oh my just going to leave it ;)
I'm the one on the right
Thanks for the comments everyone! For some reason I am having issues with commenting myself, so apologies if I don't get to respond. I just realised this is my usual pose when I'm online, ha just caught myself! Can't wait to see everyone else's!!! :)

Thursday, 2 September 2010

Cheery Blossom (12"x12"on canvas board)

Another little flower study on cherry blossums...I seem to get quicker with these, the underpainting wasn't very accuarte, making it a bit confusing for the detail. Nonetheless, it seemed to come out okay. the sky was very blue on the day I took the photo, not a cloud in sight! Still tossing up whether to add a little bumble bee in :)

Thanks to Paula, I added in some clouds!