Friday, 25 June 2010

Tall Poppy Syndrome (20" x 16" oil on canvas panel)

Here goes my attempt at a field of poppies for my friend Gill. I can easily say that I won't be attempting poppies again, mind you, whats a painting without a challenge? Such delicate big bright flowers! I didn't have a reference photo, so my head is full of poppies at the moment :) maybe thats how 'tall poppy syndrome'starts :)


  1. So pretty Sally! You got skills yo! Yes, they might have driven you sinane, but they wree totally worth it!
    What's up next?

  2. Oh thanks Claire, I still am undecided as to whether I like it. Hey, I'm working on a project for the calypso moon artists movement...check it! So awesome! I can't say its going well, i had a lot of ideas about what freedom represents....

    Hey, I need your address :) are you all moved in?

  3. I think this is a GREAT poppie painting, especially knowing you didn't use a ref photo - WOW! Definitely plan on doing more!