Wednesday, 25 August 2010

If I only had a heart...(10"x10" oil on canvas board)

Take II

So here is a tin man robot, a can of tuna and opener. Inspired by a friend of mine who loves both tuna and tin robots. Why can't they go hand in hand? Do the machines that are our hands have emotions? Also inspired by Inspiration All Around Us 'falling in love' this week. I think I may have to paint in some more additions to this scene, your suggestions are welcome! Thank you :)

A bit more on Tin Toy Blue Aerial Robot. He, or should I say her? Is a red footed, clockwork robot which shuffles along with a nice side to side motion. Arms hang at the sides and are freely jointed so they swing a little as he (she?) moves. What a fine looking robot. Come to think of it, perhaps it is me that loves tin robots and not my friend!

Take II - I had another dabble. After seeing a few other inspired paintings I thought I needed to add more atmosphere. Perhaps it is now love triangle? :) I like this painting a story business! I've also finally decided to start signing my paintings! SEE, my initials. All have dates scribbled on the dates, along with the title. I've bought some lovely nautral coloured linen vancas boards, can't wait to start on them!


  1. I saw this one on the Inspiration galley of paintings and it caught my attention. I had to come over to your blog to find the story behind it - it's not your usual "falling in love" story! I wouldn't change a thing on this one, except to sign it.

  2. I love the humorous irony of this assembly of objects. The painting is extremely appealing.

  3. Hi Sally, thanks for visiting my blog.

    The sense of humor associated with this work is so adorable, I love it as it, simple and very neat composition. I also loved your lemons a lot, a sort of painterly feel there!

  4. I have to say I loved the first one but the second one is I love even more. The window light and shadow, the little girl, the rose they all add so much.

  5. I love how random and unlikely this composition is. It's quirky and it works.