Friday, 5 November 2010

Ship to shore! (40cm x40cm oil on canvas panel)

Well here it is.... my aqua delight, a lonely boat in a moody bay. Painted for my boyfriend's mum, it looks great with a silver frame. Not quite my usual style, but I'm liking the colour scheme! Not so mish mash.


  1. Sally, this painting is so captivating. I love having the thumbnail on my blog! The colors are rich, deep, and hypnotic! I'm sure your boyfriends mom will love it!

    What happened to the other boats you were working on for her? They were awesome, too!

    You have such talent capturing the movement of water.

  2. Thank you!!! Oh the other painting is re-posted back a few was a bit of a flop really. I'm liking the limited palette idea! Glad you think the water is moving....I have looked at it too much to decide if it is :) Thank you again Paula, hope all is well!!!

  3. This is such a dynamic painting. The sharp contrast of light just grabs attention and keeps the viewers interest.