Tuesday, 21 September 2010

watercolour in practice 1

So I have this wonderful full set of windsor newton water colours BUT I just can't seem to manage them. I see some beautiful work done in watercolour (see Jacqueline Gnott's page! she does some AMAZING STUFF!), and I am sure that if I just practice alot more, I might just get some results I'll be happy with. Meanwhile, I should stop being so stubborn and read the guide books I bought on watercolours......its a bit like not reading a manual for a new phone or camera for me!


  1. The lines coupled with the water color has given a stained glass look here, amazing!

  2. I am reminded of a silk print - absolutely beautiful, Sally. You are too hard on yourself. Don't doubt your instincts - go with them and let you inspiration lead you.

  3. Thank you both :) I am travelling through SE Asia for a few months, so I'll be limited to watercolour painting postcards! Wish me luck! sally