Monday, 13 September 2010

Harbouring in progress (40cm x 40cm oil on canvas board)

Oh man! I just can't get this picture finished and I have spent 3 days on it now!!!!! I'm struggling with the join between the two main boats, I added the second one in to the reference picture....but ahhhhhhhhhh....will it ever get easier? This is a painting for my boyfriend's mum, so it needs to be perfect! :) will re-post when I am finished....meanwhile, back to some more challenges!

Finished! Well it was tweaked and tweaked...and here now the finished product! Not sure   about painting out the second boat but I quite like it.


  1. I think this painting looks brilliant and doesn't need a thing. The two boats look well proportioned and the water is just superb. Theres a fine line between good enough for you and good enough for a boyfriends mom. Good luck with that! How did you get the water so perfectly?

  2.'s perfect! It's such a happy picture. Joyd